New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2011

A nicely weathered Conrail C40-8W by John Terry.

On June 3rd and 4th I once again attended the New England Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet. It was fun. As always it’s nice to get together with a group of (somewhat) like-minded individuals and think of nothing but 1:87th scale trains for a weekend. Unfortunately though, the model room was a bit disappointing again this year. It seems as though there have been fewer models each year and a lot of what does show up is the same stuff that’s been coming for years. I’m not sure why this is… It certainly isn’t the fault of the organizers who have reliably done a terrific job every year. Might be location, could also be a New England thing. That said though, I did find a few gems.

A tug and fuel barge by Bill Gildersleeve. Note the interchangeable pilot houses.

I also didn’t attend many clinics, while there were certainly a lot, most of them didn’t really appeal to my interests. I did sit in on Scott Mason’s airbrushing presentation and Mike Rose’ clinic on the extension he just added to his layout. I found both of those to be pretty interesting. Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for NERPM 2011. I’m in Washington State at the moment and will be railfanning the Gorge and Steven’s pass next week.  If you’d like to see more photo’s, go here

Brian Bennett’s heavily detailed and weathered CSXT SD45-2.

A string of weathered coal hoppers on Brian Bennett’s display module.

A BN gondola weathered by Butch Eyler.

A masterfully done steel coil care also by Butch Eyler.

Chuck Johnson’s interesting articulated Doodlebug. I believe this is a brass model.

An assortment of models by Fran Richards.

A detailed and weathered F7A of Mike Confalone’s Allagash Railroad.

An Alco RS11 by Neal Schofield.

The various models I had on display.


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