Turnout Motors

The four assembled and tested Mole Switch Machines for the staging yard.
The four assembled and tested Mole switch machines that will be buried in the staging yard.

Work has been progressing quickly on the removable staging yard I’m building for one end of my layout, and a few weeks ago I had reached the point where I needed to get the turnout motors installed. I’m using Proto:87 Stores, Mole Switch Machines which I’ve mounted on two sheets of .080” styrene sheet. This assembly sits in a notched hole in the foam baseboard, invisible from the top, but accessible from below. Continue reading “Turnout Motors”

I always wondered how it would “turnout.” (Sorry).

The switch stand and points on my #10 P:87 turnout.

You may remember the beginnings of this project. I posted about it way back here. It didn’t actually take me 3 years and change to finish it. But it was sitting around waiting for paint for quite awhile. My excuses are that I didn’t have a paint booth until the last year or so and other projects took precedence. It’s done now though. See below for some more views. Continue reading “I always wondered how it would “turnout.” (Sorry).”

Proto:87 #10 Turnout Project

Switch Works 1
My partially assembled P:87 #10 turnout.

I recently purchased a Switch Works #10 jig from the Proto:87 Stores as well as all the trappings to create a complete turnout. In one kit you get all the necessary pre-cut ties, photo-etch tie plates, stock rail (in numerous codes), pre-machined points and a planed rail style frog. The jig correctly positions the ties and tie-plates and the tie-plates have dummy spike heads to align the rails correctly. The frets that the tie plates come on have a bolt head pattern that can be used to make joint bars. I’ve got all the tie plates down on mine, which means it’s time to start laying rail. Continue reading “Proto:87 #10 Turnout Project”