New England/Northeast RPM 2016

Blair Davies’ spectacular kit-bashed feed mill.

The 2016 New England/Northeast RPM is wrapping up as I’m writing this.  The meet moved to a new location this year and it seems like it was a success.  There were a lot of models on display and quite a few interesting clinics.  The new venue isn’t perfect, but I think it’s an improvement over the old location.

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New England/Northeast RPM Meet – 2015

One of the freight cars Dave Oppedisano had on display showcasing his weathering techniques.

I was in Collinsville, CT this weekend for the New England/Northeast RPM Meet.  As always it was a good time though there seemed to be fewer models this year than last.  Not sure what that’s about, but it is what it is.  The models that were on display however were of the quality I’ve come to expect from the attendees of this meet.  I especially enjoyed the two presentations Brian Banna gave about building his MoPac SD40-2 and GP35 and was glad to get the chance to see some of his work in person.

If you haven’t attended before, consider it for next year.  I have no interest in New England (or even east coast) prototypes, but I always find a lot of variety in the model room and have conversations that introduce me to new ideas and new skills to make my modeling better.

I took a lot of photo’s this year, check them out below the cut. Please let me know if I attributed anything incorrectly or misspelled any names.

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New England/Northeast RPM Meet – 2014

Neil Schofield’s engine terminal diorama.

Last weekend I attended the 2014 New England/Northeast Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet. It was a great show this year.  More models than I think I’ve ever seen and the quality was as excellent as it always is.  I don’t really attend clinics, so I can’t say much about them, though I did go to the LokSound USA presentation which I found interesting.  Matt explained a lot about the sound decoder market and went over some basic programming techniques using LokSounds Programmer.

I’ve posted all my photo’s below.  I tried to caption each one with the modelers name, but I missed a few.  If anyone can tell me who built the uncredited one’s, let me know and I’ll update the page.  For even more photo’s, check out Stuart Chirls’ gallery too.

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New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2011

A nicely weathered Conrail C40-8W by John Terry.

On June 3rd and 4th I once again attended the New England Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet. It was fun. As always it’s nice to get together with a group of (somewhat) like-minded individuals and think of nothing but 1:87th scale trains for a weekend. Unfortunately though, the model room was a bit disappointing again this year. It seems as though there have been fewer models each year and a lot of what does show up is the same stuff that’s been coming for years. I’m not sure why this is… It certainly isn’t the fault of the organizers who have reliably done a terrific job every year. Might be location, could also be a New England thing. That said though, I did find a few gems. Continue reading “New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2011”

New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 2

Alex Conta’s excellent SP U50 #9950.

Well, it seems to have taken a lot longer to post than I had planned. Most of these photo’s are therefor probably a little dated, oh well. This isn’t nearly everything, just what really stood out for me. If you want all the photo’s from this year and the last few years, go here: Continue reading “New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 2”

New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 1

Atlas’ latest product announcement, an HO Scale Alco HH660.

I just returned from the first day of the 2008 New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet. Atlas introduced a new HO Alco HH660, and there were a lot of very well done models on display. Attendance was a bit sparse, but hopefully that will change tomorrow when people won’t need to be at work. I had some stuff on display and was workign the Railflyer table as well. Photo’s are below the cut, I’ll try to get some more tomorrow. Continue reading “New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 1”