Mt. Tom Coal

Providence and Worcester B23-SS7 2215 leads PW-X into E. Deerfield Yard this afternoon.

While prepping a project for painting this afternoon, the scanner picked up a an empty P&W coal train heading north to E. Deerfield from Mt. Tom. The dispatcher had the crew copy out a Form D instructing them to wait at S. Deerfield for ED2-X which was shuffling some hoppers out of an industrial siding. Seeing as how the rain had stopped, I hopped in the truck and headed up to Deerfield to try and get in on some of the action.

PW-X creeps through the rain at S. Deerfield as the conductor prepares to flag the crossing.

I arrived at S. Deerfield before both trains, so I drove south on Rt. 5 to Hatfield, where I found PW-X at the Plain Rd. Crossing. I got one photo there, but it wasn’t particularily good. After letting a couple of tractor trailers pass, I made a u-turn and zipped back to S. Deerfield, where I waited for a good while. Eventually PW-X arrived, but unfortunately, the rain did as well, so the shot above isn’t as good as I had hoped.

Once both the locomotives had passed the crossing, I continued north to the crossing at N. Hillside Rd. Where I got a number of good shots with the film camera. After that I continued to the yard at E. Deerfield where I took the first shot as the train entered the yard.

NS GP38-2, 5345 shunting hopper cars (don’t mind the utility cabinet).

With not much else going on at E. Deerfield, I returned to S. Deerfield in the hope of finding the local still there. I caught up with it where S. Main St. parallels the tracks. I was able to find a decent place to pull off, but there were a number of obstructions that got in the way of taking photos. I also wasn’t sure if I was on private property or not, so I got a quick shot of the locomotive as best I could and then headed south to Hadley for lunch.


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