Workbench Reorganization


My new under-layout workbench. Where everything is organized and within easy reach.

I didn’t do much modeling over the summer.  I’d been increasingly dissatisfied with my little workshop and storage system.  A big issue was the fact that I never seemed to have the correct paint, detail part, styrene thickness, etc. when I needed it.  Earlier I had begun a process to list everything I thought I should have “in stock” but while I was prepared to spend the money for all this new stuff, I had nowhere to put it.

With that in mind, I made a few changes…

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Evolution of a Workbench

My current workbench, built into one corner of my studio apartment.

Like most young adults over the course of their first 12 years out of the nest, my living situation has gone from spacious and well furnished (parents house), to a couple of very old, very small, attic one-bedroom’s in century old houses (one of which was shared with a girlfriend and pet lizard, the other with a legion of mold), to my current situation, a beautiful (albeit also small) studio in the center of a bustling and iconic New England town. Continue reading