Workbench Reorganization


My new under-layout workbench. Where everything is organized and within easy reach.

I didn’t do much modeling over the summer.  I’d been increasingly dissatisfied with my little workshop and storage system.  A big issue was the fact that I never seemed to have the correct paint, detail part, styrene thickness, etc. when I needed it.  Earlier I had begun a process to list everything I thought I should have “in stock” but while I was prepared to spend the money for all this new stuff, I had nowhere to put it.

With that in mind, I made a few changes…

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A Place to Paint


My new spray booth and painting desk.

The one thing that really makes a model stand out, and the one thing I’ve never really enjoyed about building models, is painting. While I fully appreciate a nicely finished model, and I’ve dabbled around with all that a bit, it’s never the relaxing sort of experience that a hobby ought to be. Continue reading