New Layout

The progress so far on my new layout.

I guess it’s been awhile.  Here’s the story.  Back in November, a friend told me she was moving and asked if I wanted to take over the lease on her old apartment.  Though I was fond of where I was living at the time, her place offered a downtown location, the ability to ride my bike or the bus to work and a view of Pan Am’s River Line all at a price that I couldn’t pass up.  So I moved.  Once I was settled, I soon discovered that one wall of the new place could be ideal for a model railroad.  At 21 feet long and with only small windows towards to ceiling I would have room for a nice linear switching layout and movable staging yard.  A full gallery of my progress so far is available on my PBase site.  A few selected photo’s and an in depth description are after the break. Continue reading