My Basement Lair.

basement_planWe’re in the throws of a Nor’easter here in Western Massachusetts and since I work in higher education and my duties with the IT department are not considered “essential” I get a snow day 🙂

Since I have the time, I figured that I’d throw up this blueprint of my basement that shows how I will allocate space for various functions.  There will probably be some changes.  The layout, for example, may extend under the stairs and onto a 6 foot shelf along the back wall of the workshop. I’m also planning to build a photo table between the workshop and the chimney/water heater and a grit blasting cabinet next to the bulkhead in the laundry/mechanical area.

The pink along the exterior walls shows where I will be insulating and adding either plywood or OSB sheathing, but other than the interior walls that I’ll be adding to enclose the workshop (and hopefully keep the noise from the furnace and laundry equipment down a bit) I’m not doing much to the structure.

Track planning is next.  I’ve already got a few ideas in mind that I’ll share once I sketch them out.

  • Chris

2 Replies to “My Basement Lair.”

  1. You haven’t said how big it is.
    Please don’t, as it will only reinforce my inferiority complex, being in the UK.

    1. Oh. Yeah. Dimensions would be helpful. I added them to the plan, you can choose not to look at them if you don’t want to 🙂

      By US standards I don’t actually have much space. I guess I could have more, but I don’t want to block access to the electrical panel or water and gas meters, so the layout has to be confined to the one corner of the basement that doesn’t have any utilities.

      – Chris

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