Not MY layout, but a layout nonetheless…

A clean slate, ready for layout.

Well, once again it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Figured it was about time I let on as to what I’ve been up to. New England is currently in the midst of yet another blizzard, which means I have the afternoon off from work. Since I’ve got the time I’d might as well do something useful. Lots more after the jump.

Gutted, it actually looks better than it did originally, though not as good as it does now (see the first photo.)

While I have been doing a good deal of my own modeling, quite a bit of my free time this past year and a half has been spent assisting my friend Tom gut and refinish his basement, then construct benchwork for his HO scale layout based on Amtrak’s Springfield Line.

The benchwork supporting structure is up in the main layout room.

Once the room was finished, a tape line denoting the edge of the benchwork was laid out on the floor and work on the supporting structure began. Most of the layout is built off of box frame mounted to wall brackets, with the exception of the peninsula and another area that are L-girder mounted on legs. There are also two removable areas designed to provide access to the electrical panel and furnace.

The layout framework looking back towards the workshop and staging yard.

There are two levels to the layout, which are easy to see in this view. The lower level is a hidden return track for re-staging and continual operation. Note the lighting, I believe there’s something like 17 fluorescent fixtures lighting the layout, plus 2 in the aisles, 2 in the workshop and 2 in the painting area. Right now it’s VERY bright, but that should get toned down a bit once the valance and diffuser panels are up.

Cross pieces added to the peninsula’s L-girder frame.

By this point the benchwork was really starting to take shape, Tom didn’t really have much of a plan. Essentially we just kept adding till everything was the right height, straight and level.

The Division Superintendent is not pleased. Says to put the camera away and get back to work. Real ball-buster that one.

Progress in the main layout room as of the end of January 2011.

At this point, benchwork is done and the sub roadbed 1/2” Homasote has been glued down. The next few work sessions will be spent cleaning up joints and sanding everything level.

The rest of the layout on into the workshop has been completed as well.

That’s about it.. Tom is working on a website, which will eventually be here: which will have a lot more information. As for me, I’ll try to post an update on what I’ve been up to within the next few weeks.


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