Seattle & North Coast F7A #101: Update 5

SNCT #101 mostly completed.

Well, it has certainly been quite awhile since I last posted any updates. I do have a number of excuses though. I moved, I got a new job, I’m currently helping remodel a basement for a model railroad (not mine, unfortunately) the list actually goes on. I have been doing some modeling as well now that it’s no longer pleasant to be outside, what with the cold and the dark and all that. These photo’s are a little old, but I feel they deserve a more in depth explanation.

#101’s roof, sans a few details that will go on after painting.

For the most part, I’ve fully detailed #101, the only things that are really missing in these shots are the winterization hatch, which I have since added, and a few grab irons that can’t go on till the decals are applied. The MU hoses, which are the new Hi-Tech all rubber variety, have also been fixed so they don’t stick straight out. I found that dousing them in CA took away the elasticity enough that I could form them into the correct shape.

The underside of the frame, with trucks.

Most of the work on this model went into the chassis. Previously I posted photo’s showing the basic frame after it had been milled down. Here I’ve built up the “I-beam” frame from styrene, then added Hi-Tech cross braces and fuel/Battery box brackets. The fuel tank is the wrap-around Athearn tank cut down and filled in with styrene. The FT is a bit kludgy, but since it’s under the unit, it won’t be as visible as other things and will certainly pass any inspection from a normal viewing angle. The battery boxes/air tank are Hi-Tech parts plumbed with precision scale fittings and wire that I bent myself. This upside-down view also clearly illustrates the P:87 wheelsets I use. They are considerably thinner than the stock Athearn wheels, and there is more side to side movement than I would like, however I think that will be ok. I should be able to tighten the axles up a bit if this unit has tracking issues.

Conductors side of #101’s frame.

I also made a lot of modifications to the side-frames. I believe this unit rode on former FT trucks, so I added the square and sloped journal bearing that the prototype had as well as the brake lines, speed recorder and sand lines. This shot also show how the frame looks when viewed from near track level.

The engineers side of #101.

The shell still fits over the frame as it normally would, and I’ll be able to use the standard mounting clips that mount on the engine room windows. In this photo the shell is sitting a little low because I haven’t installed the clips yet. So, this unit is now sitting in a box awaiting paint. I should have access to a decent paint booth within the next few months. Recently, I completed a Tangent PS4740 and am now working on another Railflyer frame, at some point I’ll post photo’s of those projects as well


2 Replies to “Seattle & North Coast F7A #101: Update 5”

    1. Herald King: the line was recently purchased by new owners, however a lot of stuff is still out of stock. If you can’t find the SNCT sets, they show up on eBay pretty regularly.

      The HK’s aren’t all that great and they only do the Pullman Standard boxcars and F-Units. I’m working on creating my own decals for the SW’s and FMC cars. Might also roll my own F-Unit decals to make them less of a bear to apply.

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