An Election Day Surprise… from Canada!

Railflyer Model Prototypes Wide cab photo-etch.

My latest shipment of Railflyer parts arrived yesterday. Included in this shipment were some really neat things I’ve been waiting on for awhile, like the Canadian wide cab photo-etch pictured above. Apart from the fact that the cab is a one-piece thin wall kit, the photo etch is whats really exciting about it. This new multi media approach lets modelers get into a level of realism and detail that hasn’t really been available before. I’ve labeled most of the parts in the photo above, though there were a few that I couldn’t identify, I’ll label them once Christopher tells me what they are. Possibly the coolest parts are the window gaskets, which are designed to fit right inside the openings on the plastic cab, not shown because it’s clear and I didn’t think it would photograph wellis a fret of laser cut clear plastic “glass” for the windows, number boards and wind deflectors. Check beyond the cut for a few other things I received

Sinclair Antenna’s.

There was actually a lot of stuff crammed in to this shipment, though some of it I didn’t photograph because it’s either been mentioned before, or I’ll cover it during a build post. I do want to touch on two new items though, one being the Sinclair Antenna’s shown above. Each antenna consists of three parts and each fret has enough of each to make 12 antenna’s. They’re small, but very highly detailed. Parts for two antenna’s are also included with the wide cab PE.

.008” wire Ladder Grabs with PE nut, bolt, washers.

I also got a package full of .008” formed wired ladder grabs. These are very accurately bent, and include a fret of PE NBW’s. I’m hoping to use these on my model of SNCT F7A #101, but they look a little long, so I need to do some checking to make sure they’re the right size.


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