The year so far…

CSX ES44DC 5389 trundles through Palmer on a very cold but clear January 5, 2008.

I got some slides developed recently, that have shots from as far back as January. I don’t exactly miss all that snow and sub-zero temperatures, but there are some good memories here from my last 8 months of railfanning.

PAR GP40-2W 506 waits with an empty coal train at Lake Pleasant on January 5, 2008.

By chance we discovered the crossing at Lake Pleasant with this empty westbound waiting for a new crew. It sat there idling for a good part of the day. I posted this photo back in January, but this one has been lightend up a bit and looks considerably better.

PAR GP40 374 at East Deerfield, January 5, 2008

After the traffic at Palmer dried up, we moved north to East Deerfield and caught this brace of power being moved onto the service track, I believe these units had just come in on a train, though I can’t remember which one.

P&W Super 7’s 2215 and 2216 roll a coal empty north on the Conn. River line, South Deerfield, June 14, 2008.

I got this shot at the crossing on N. Hillside Drive just off Rt. 5, I’d followed the train from Hatfield and got a number of good shots of it. It was nice to see some well maintained equipment on Pan Am, even if it didn’t belong to them. I really need to get out to P&W territory sometime. They have a nice operation.

Pulling into the yard, June 14, 2008.

After I took the previous shot I continued onto the yard and arrived in plenty of time to catch it coming into the yard. That was a good day to be trackside, nice weather, and a reliable train.

NECR GP38 3851 “The Pride of Palmer” and GP40 4047 (ex BN 3078) enjoy a pleasant summer evening on July 17, 2008.

Coming back to the present, I spent a recent evening after work, at Palmer. Traffic was a little slow, but it was a nice evening, and I was happy enough to be outside. This I believe was the best shot I got all night.


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  1. Nice shots! I grew up in S Deerfield but moved away decades ago! My father used to ride the train (steam ) a lot to get places from there!

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