New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 1

Atlas’ latest product announcement, an HO Scale Alco HH660.

I just returned from the first day of the 2008 New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet. Atlas introduced a new HO Alco HH660, and there were a lot of very well done models on display. Attendance was a bit sparse, but hopefully that will change tomorrow when people won’t need to be at work. I had some stuff on display and was workign the Railflyer table as well. Photo’s are below the cut, I’ll try to get some more tomorrow.

The Railflyer table.
The frame for BN GP38-2 #2154.
A Seaboard Coast Line SD45-2 among others.
Mike Rose’ Guilford U18
My #10 P:87 Turnout.
A very nice EL unit, by Jim Harr.
Tom Murray’s AEM7


4 Replies to “New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet, 2008: Day 1”

  1. Chris – Just now found your blog – great work. That EL GP-7 #1282 is my work; it’s a detailed and painted P2K unit… Just for the record!

    Jim Harr
    High Bridge, NJ

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