Only a bit of snow left…

An eastbound pipe train approaches Pan Am’s East Deerfield yard, Deerfield, MA

I took advantage of Helene being out of town, to get some time trackside today. It was generally sunny, but quite cold and windy. I met up with Tom at Palmer where I was just in time to catch an empty string of autoracks headed west. NECR did a little switching, and then an eastbound general merchandise train came through. It didn’t look like the rest of the day was going to be very eventful, so we headed north to E. Deerfield.

As we arrived, a brace of power was shuffling off to the east end of the yard to tie onto its train, and shortly thereafter the pipe train pictured above inched into the yard from the west. We heard on the radio that PO-1 was currently in Northampton heading north. Assuming it was creeping along we went into greendfield to grab some lunch, then headed south to try and catch it in S. Deerfield. Unfortunately we passed it while it wasn’t visible from Rte. 5, and ended up having to backtrack to the yard where we arrived just in time to catch it coming under the bridge. About this time the pipe train was getting ready to continue east, so we booked it to Montague and arrived at the Lake Pleasant Rd. crossing with about 3 seconds to spare. We got some photo’s at the crossing, then chased it into Millers Falls hoping to find a decent place to catch the next eastbound (remember that brace of power from before) not finding anything we headed back to Lake Pleasant and waited until we decided to give up and headed back to Amherst where we caught a slightly late Vermonter as it ripped past Cushman’s Market.

All in all we had a pretty decent day of it. I would’ve liked to have glimpsed Mass Central 2100 at E. Deerfield, but alas, no such luck.


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