2008 Amherst Railway Society – Railroad Hobby Show

Railflyer Model Prototypes 43′ 6″ Wheelbase frame by Brian Banna, This will be for a Canadian wide cab SD40-2.

I spent this past weekend at the Amherst Railway Society’s Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield. I don’t usually enjoy these shows very much as there always seems to be a lot of fluff, and not a lot of good modeling, this year proved to be a little different though.

Railflyers new Canadian wide cab.

This show is huge, to the best of my knowledge it’s the biggest one in New England, and probably one of the biggest on the entire east coast. It attracts a pretty varied and interesting group of dealers, organizations, and attendees. Usually I just go as part of the general public, but this year, Christopher Howard from Railflyer Model Prototypes asked me to help him out at the Railflyer booth. As I was at the booth, I took a bunch of photographs of Raiflyers new and upcoming releases, including a fully assembled SD walkway module built by Brian Banna, and the pre-production sample of the new Canadian wide cab. Christopher was also kind enough to bring the walkway modules I purchased from him back when the project began (I’ll be opening them up and posting photo’s here shortly). The photo etch detail bundle I also ordered, hadn’t come in yet, but should be here fairly soon. I’ve been waiting on these walkway modules for awhile now, and it’s good to finally have my hands on them. All I can say is that Christopher did a terrific job and I hope the fine scale model railroading community steps up to the plate and shows that it can sustain the sort of innovation that Christopher is putting into all his products.

A neat O Scale narrow gauge turntable on the Nargansett Bay On30 layout.

The layouts were for the most part the usual disappointingly round and round groups of modules, though there was a nice range of scales and era’s. One layout I did appreciate a lot was that of the Nargansett Bay On30 group. Their modules twisted and turned throughout the Better Living Center and were very well detailed, albeit incomplete. Hopefully they will be back next year to show off their progress

Tom Murray’s Conrail SD50.

The guys from the New England RPM meet were there as well, though they were stuck so far out on the edge of the show I didn’t venture there much. Tom Murray had a number of well detailed and weathered diesels at the table though, including the very nice SD50 above that I believe is currently for sale… hint… hint. None of these photo’s really do their subjects justice as I wasn’t really taking the time to set up my camera in a way that would actually generate decent images, but oh well.


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