An Evening in Palmer

NECR @ Palmer, MA - 10.17.07
NECR power at Palmer, MA.

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting here. It’s about time. I took the photo above on Oct. 17th, when what little fall color we had this year was at its peak. GATX SD40-2’s 7362 and 7369 are parked while NECR GP38 3855 moves back onto the yard lead after holding for some MOW equipment that was returning from the north. That was an especially lucrative evening at Palmer. I met my friend Tom there around 5:00 and the action was fairly consistent all evening with NECR making up it’s evening northbound and a number of CSX through trains. The evening was capped off by the Boston section of Amtrak’s Lake Shore coming through on its way to Boston 2.5 hours behind schedule.

I’ve got some additional foaming shots from the last few years to post here, and I’ve got a number of modeling projects that I’m currently working on. If you’ve been following my UP GP40-2 build that I’ve been documenting (unreliably) at I’m still hard at work on it, I just haven’t had much time to update the site. I’m hoping WordPress will be less of a challenge as far as keeping things up to date. That’s it for now, if you’d like any more info about my railroading related interests, check out the About page.

– Chris

5 Replies to “An Evening in Palmer”

  1. Help,
    I need a blueprint, drawing, picture of a sd40-2 htc truck with enough info. and dimensions to make one in 1.6″ to the foot scale.
    Will pay for it seeing as no one has ever replied from any of these sites.
    I figure money may have a better result.


    1. Hi Bill,

      Go to this site: and scroll down till you get to the “Truck Assembly” links. These are parts diagrams with drawings and callouts related to each part. Some dimensions are provided in the part descriptions. These aren’t particularly large PDF’s, but the site has limited bandwidth so they can take awhile to download.

      Not sure how much this will help, but it’s a start. If I were you, I would buy an Athearn sideframe and scale it’s dimensions up to 1.6″ to the foot. That should be fairly accurate for all visible details.

      – Chris

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thanks so much that helped a ton.
        I wasn’t sure about the bolster design seeing as you never see it in photos of engines.

        I wish I was more knowledgable about this stuff. I love it but never have enough time to study.
        If I can ever help you out just let me know.

        I own an industrial model shop.
        Mastercam software, cnc mills, a lathe,etc. etc.
        Not looking for work, just offering to be helpful if I can.
        Thanks again for your help,

  2. Hi Bill,

    I’m glad the site was helpful.

    Do you do laser cutting by any chance? I’m reachable via milepost15 at

    – Chris

  3. I used to run those GATX units between Brattleboro and Palmer. I called them cadillacs. Much better than the ex Conrail units. The 6281 bounced around like crazy!

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